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Family law

Going through a divorce can be a difficult experience, especially when children are involved.  If you are going through a custody dispute or divorce, from time to time you may feel angry, scared, trapped, helpless, or just frustrated over the entire process.  During this time, you will need an experienced attorney, one who will provide personal attention and assist you with navigating through the legal process. We strive to alleviate as much of the burden as possible.

When  you retain The Kinard Law Office, we will discuss the law with you and how it relates to your personal situation.  Further, we will provide honest feedback and develop a realistic plan of action.  Negotiation and settlement is usually the most efficient method for achieving your goal.  However, in the event that settlement is unfeasible, we will aggressively pursue your interests in court, when necessary.  We provide representation for the following family law areas:

For couples that have decided to separate, divorce, or have

their marriage annulled, we provide representation and advice,

and execute necessary legal documents to facilitate the legal

end of the marriage.

We work with clients to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of  assets, while striving to ensure clients have the necessary financial resources to care for children and maintain an appropriate standard of living.


We draft custody and visitation agreements that protect the clients' interests and the best interest of the children.  Likewise, we craft support agreements that are realistic and accurately address the clients' financial situations. We also provide representation as clients' circumstances change, in which a modification of the existing order and agreement may become necessary.  

If you have questions regarding how we may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact our office and schedule a consultation.